Portofino and Tigullio

Following the frightful storm at the end of October whole Golfo del Tigullio was seriously damages. Portofino is connected by boat only. We’ll keep in touch

The symbol of this strip of coast is the Portofino Promontory, one of Italy’s most famous parks. Strolling along its paths is like walking through a casket of jewels with so many precious stones. The Marine Protected Area lies around the Portofino Promontory and takes in three communities: Camogli, town of the “Thousand White Sailing Boats” with its long naval tradition, Portofino, an exclusive and prestigious village and Santa Margherita Ligure, a sophisticated town enhanced by its scenic attractions. The Marine Area is divided into three zones: A, B and C. Zone A stretches to the inlet known as Cala Dell’Oro and is a fully protected reserve.

Zone B lies between Portofino’s Punta del Faro (Lighthouse Point) and Punta Chiappa with submerged rocks of great natural interest where you can admire various types of sea fans, red coral and numerous species of fish including the grouper. The two C zones stretch either side of the promontory where there are posidonia (sea grass) beds rich in animal life.