Framura loc. Costa


from San Pietro to Framura and back, trekking itinerary

You can start this itinerary directly from Borgo San Pietro, go to the main road and take left to Framura,  once in the small village of Castagnola take the road at you right with the sign “Macelleria”, follow this direction and continue until you take the path #650 to Framura. Trail descends slightly in the valley of the Castagnola river crossed at the bottom by a modern “Tibetan” style bridge. After the bridge trails climbs up in the middle of pine trees till the village of Costa (m.280 s.l.m.) Spend few minutes for enjoy panoramic view and  head right towards  “Foce del Prato”, here the dirty road becomes a path. You are now on the west side of Mount Serro, between pines and holm oaks. The view embraces the valley of Deiva Marina, the heights of Pietra di Vasca and Monte San Nicolao. Once in Case Serro you will find the incomparable view of the Ligurian coast, the Gulf of Tigullio, the Gulf of Genoa till the French coast and if you are lucky and the day is clear you will see the Marittime Alps  and the summit of Monte Monviso.

view from Case Serro

Here your route intersects the Green Blue Path (SVA) coming from Deiva Marina and going to Bonassola and Levanto: continue in this direction. In front of you  appears the cliff and the promontory of Mesco. You walk with the sea at your right in a green and blue scenery.It’s the kingdom of strawberry trees, heather and myrtle … and even wild boars but do not fear they never show up in public. On your right you will find direction to Punta Apicchi. Take it, you will lengthen the path of few minutes but it worths. Wonderful view and an equipped area  with wooden table and benches where you can enjoy a snack overlooking the sea. Coming back to the main road and go on till the paved road. At this point you have 2 options, the shortest, take the road up and coming back to Foce del Prato and then Framura Costa or take right till hamlet of Framura Setta and return to Costa climbing the steep “creuza”. In both cases you will pass to Framura Costa, spend some time stroll ‘through the alleys of the village, to admire the medieval tower of the church of St. Martin and enjoy amazing views

Framura Costa

13-15 km, medium difficulty, 3,30-4,30 hours

Framura Costa – Framura Setta cafes, shops and fresh water.