Framura Bonassola Levanto bicycle path

From San Pietro reach Framura by car.
Park at the railway station, go down at the small Marina and then climb up the stairs or take the lift
To your left you will find bikes for rent, check availability:
“Pesciocan” bikes for rent tel +39 3347310828 mail

Small harbour of Framura

Now you are ready to ride one of the most picturesque lanes and pedestrian paths that run near the sea: from Framura to Bonassola and Levanto. The gallery is quite long and breezy, sometimes opens up to the sea on amazing sights. Just a few minutes ride you reach signs for Porto Pidocchio, a small a nice beach. After 3 km you come out and you find out the small gulf of Bonassola. To your right stands the Oratory of Sant’Erasmo, the left overlooks the Church of Saint Catherine.

Beach of Bonassola

Spend few time in Bonassola to enjoy focaccia, here is delicious! Back on the boardwalk and keep going
This is the most interesting part of the path, tunnels are shorter and there are more possibilities of swimming.
A game of light and shadows, appears every time you come out of a gallery.

The trail has been secured and is very popular at any time of the day and any season of the year. There’s room for everyone: cyclists, runners, skaters, families with kids, and people in wheelchairs! Therefore, be careful and respect others!
In 15 minutes you’ve arrived in Levanto, on the new promenade, dedicated to Amerigo Vespucci. The glance embraces everything : sea, beach, hills, church and bell tower !
Levanto is the biggest village of the area, cafes, restaurants, shops at your choice.