S.Pietro – Framura – Monte Serro

It starts right from home, taking the short trail to the main road (follow signal Framura).

Once in Castagnola you will see on your right the “Macellaio” sign, follow this direction and continue until you take the path 650 to Framura. It descends slightly in the valley crossed by a modern “Tibetan style bridge”. It climbs the slight difference in height up to the Costa hamlet (m.280 s.l.m.) Head right direction loc. Foce del Prato, the dirt road here becomes the path 651 (always stay to the right). You are now on the West side of Monte Serro, among pine and oak trees. The view embraces the valley of Deiva river, the hills of Pietra di Vasca and the San Nicolao. Once in Case Serro you will find in front of you views of the Ligurian coast, the Gulf of Tigullio, the Gulf of Genoa, the waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea to the French coast and if you are lucky and the weather is clear you will see also the Alps Maritimes and the summit of Monviso peak.

Here your path intersects the Green Blue Trail (SVA) from Deiva Marina to Bonassola and Levanto: keep going in this direction. Here now appear the cliffs and the promontory of Mesco. It is the kingdom of the strawberry tree, heather and myrtle … and even wild boar but fear are never seen in public. also you will encounter a glade equipped with wooden table and benches (unfortunately shabby) where you can enjoy a snack sea. You are on an easy dirt road at a constant height will lead you on the south side of Mount Serro. At this point you have two alternatives: to continue on the SVA down to the hamlet of Setta and return to Costa climbing the steep “creuza” or continue along the path 651 to find yourself back at the Foce del Prato and back to Costa. Before returning home through the initial path take few minutes to walk in the narrow streets and dwell to admire the early medieval tower of St. Martin’s parish.

We recommend this hike in the morning in order to enjoy the best light when you get to the sea.